I Give You Me

Under The Blood
Is There Not A Cause
I Give You Me

Celebrate His Power

All of God’s children
We have gathered in this place
To entertain the spirit of the Lord
Heaven is waiting and the angels are here
So let us get our minds in one accord
Jehovah Jeirah our provider’s ready to provide
Everything You want and need
Our Lord he will supply

Let us make a joyful noise
And lift up holy hands
We’ve come into His presence
Now let’s make a holy stand
If You want a blessing that You just cannot contain
Celebrate His power through the glory of His name

I’m hungry and I’m thirsty
And I’m coming as a child
My heart is open to Your perfect will
I lay all my burdens and my cares at Your feet
I walk in victory because You’re real
We have a right to lift our voice and praise the King
Let the children of the Lord
Make the heavens ring

Highest Praise

We want to enter into the courts
Of the Lord with singing
We want to fill the halls of Heaven-with our song
We’ve got to be sure that our best
Is what we’re bringing
And that the heart is where all the praise-is coming from
Because the Lord deserves more than the music
Or beautiful words
You know the God we serve is worthy of our everything
And that’s the reason why we sing

Hallelujah! – To God be the glory!
For the wonderful marvelous things
That he has done for us
Hallelujah! – To God be the glory!
Give the Lord the highest praise!
Give the Lord the highest praise!

We’ve got a reason and a right to shout
And sing God’s praises
And we’re gonna serve him gladly-lifting up holy hands
We’re gonna join together, rejoicing
In His presence
Giving the Lord the glory-in every way we can
Because the Lord gave us His own life
To show us His love
That’s why we lift him up and offer him our
Everything he’s the reason why we sing

Praises – Give him the praises
High praises – Give the Lord the highest
Praises – Give him the praises
High praises – Give the Lord the praise
Worthy – Worthy he’s worthy – Worthy of the highest
Praises – Give him the praises
High praises – Give the Lord the praise

I Give You Me

Lord You have the power over all the earth
You made the moon and stars
How great You really are
Everything my eyes behold is in Your hands
Honestly but reality
I know it sounds so small
But here I am take it all

I give You me
All I am I place with thee
Show me what is right
I want to be holy in Your spirit
A living sacrifice
I give You me

I will follow You my Lord to Calvary
I will not deny when they ask me why
Your love is stronger than the force
Of death and hell
Heavenly Your majesty
What can I offer You
All I know to do

No regrets
I fell so complete
I’m controlled by Your spirit
I don’t belong to me
Thanks to You
The me I used to know is gone
Lord You made me new

Is there not a cause

Look at all the lonely people
Reaching out with empty arms
Their lives are moving around in circles
The rejection brings so much harm
The light has come to help the darkness
We must work while it is today
We must stand together united
And show someone the way

Is there not a cause
To reach the lost
No matter the cost
Is there not a reason
To show the love of Jesus
We have in our hearts
I say ye
There is a cause

My mind goes back when I needed a savior
When my life was upside down
Through all the pain and the desperation
Not a true friend could be found
Seems as though when I reached my limit
That’s when I found sweet victory
Somebody told me the old old story
About a man at Calvary

For everything there is a time
I believe it’s true
We can change somebody destiny
It depends on me and You

Lay Down My Life

I can hear You whisper
I can feel the heartbeat of my true destiny
I can see You in the distance
Standing at the crossroads sayin “Come follow me”
And I know what it cost to follow
To say I want to go where You go
But still it isn’t hard to decide
‘Cause Lord, I realize that I can’t
Really be alive until I….

Lay down my life
And take up my cross
All that was gained to me before
I count it as loss
And I’m trading it all
A small sacrifice
For the knowledge of Christ
I lay down my life

I know that I can’t go on any longer
Until I learn to completely surrender
My will to Your will
My way to Your way
Take me Lord
My heart is Yours
Forever from today

Never Give Up

Started out like a runaway train
Unmoved by the driving rain
Had a fire burning deep within
Never looking back to where You’ve been
Then Your walls came crashing down
You found Yourself on shaky ground

Oh never give up
Never give in to the night
When You’re feelin defeated
Oh You’re not alone
The war rages on but I know
He’ll be there when You need him
Hold on
It’s never over with him

This life we live is full of pleasure and pain
Some people crumble underneath the strain
Looking for something that will satisfy
This hunger that we have inside
We need someone to ease the pain
Why don’t You call on Jesus Name

Well I want to testify
Lord I’m flying high with You
Oh tomorrow might bring rain
But my heart remains the same
Never giving up

Sweet Spirit

I’m on my way to the promise land
A place where people join hand in hand
To praise the Lord
Oh the love that I feel
The sound of music brings me joy inside
I’m contented to forever abide beneath Your wings
In Your glory I’ll stay

Sweet sweet spirit
Fall on me
I’m surrounded by a heavenly choir
You’re in the midst with Your holy fire
Sweet sweet spirit
Come on down
Overshadow me with tenderness
It’s only in Your grace I find perfect rest
Sweet sweet spirit fall on me

The world outside needs to understand
The Lord is perfect and he has a plan
For every man
Oh how faithful and true
Come with me and I’ll show You the way
You’re the reason my life has changed
To a brighter day
I’m so happy and free

When we’re together
Lifting up the holy one
Joy shines from Your face
We’re in the presence
Of the Lord almighty
There’s no greater place

Under the Blood

A certain time
A certain place
I vision in my mind
The life I left behind
I get emotional to know You called my name
I feel unworthy
Gentle mercy
Sometimes the rain will fall
Questions flood my soul
Have I been forgiven
Or has my heart turned cold

Under the blood
Yesterday is a memory
I’m lost from the ways of death
Your love has covered me
I found perfect peace
It took so long to get to where I should
I’m over the guilt and shame
Cause I’m under the blood

A perfect plan so long ago
Still echoes from a hill
Whosoever will
Just let him come today
And bring those broken dreams
I know You’ll be amazed
With His loving grace
You’ll find in Jesus Christ
Everything You need
And when the past seems present
It’s in the sea of forgetfulness

All that I am
All that I hope to be
I place within Your hands
Give me the strength
To stand up and walk
And if I stumble
I know You’ll understand

Whatever It Takes

I close my eyes
I feel I can see You!
The air is filled with Your glory
I talk to You
I listen for Your still voice
Now this is real and it’s ecstasy
And I made my promise and I stake my claim
Yesterday today and forever it’s the same

Whatever it takes
I’ll be willing to do it
Whatever it takes
I’m ready to go for it
No mountain to high
There’s no valley to low
I’m at a place where pleasing You takes priority
Love makes it easy
Whatever it takes
I’ll be willing to do it for You

Now I’m committed to loving You forever
Not just a fling but eternity
Lord You’ve been faithful through the good and the
Bad times
Since I met You it is heavenly
It doesn’t matter I’ve considered it all
My heart is open to Your beckoning call

I’m gonna keep on walking
I’m gonna keep on talking
I wanna tell how good You’ve been to me
I’m glad I get this feeling!
When I’m on my knees and kneeling
Anything You want from me I give it willingly

You’re The One

No everyday romance
Not an ordinary story
Stronger love
Peace of mind!
These are the things that I found
On my journey with You

You’re the one
That I love
When I’m alone You’re all I’m thinking of
In every moment of everyday
Nothing can separate us come what may
You’re the one
That I love

I remember the morning
I heard in the distance
Calling out there was no doubt
You were the one who was patiently waiting for me

I sing because You rescued me
I smile because You made me free