He Knows My Heart

I Love The Way
Face To Face
Something About My Praise

Something within me
Has got me feeling warm inside
It’s overwhelming to know
That You won’t ever leave my side
Oh my Lord You’re all I need
I’m laying all my cares at Your feet.
Use me Lord
Lead the way
I’m waiting for the moment of the day.

Anytime You need me I’m willing
To be at Your beckoning call
Anytime You find me I’m waiting
You’ll never have to wonder at all.

I see some changes in this world
I face them everyday
There’s no more giving
Only finding what there is to take
Oh my Lord You’re all I need
I’m laying all my cares at Your feet
But You my Lord
You know my heart
You know the distance
No matter how far.

Every single day You will know I love You
I’ll show You every way I can
I’ll be watching
And I’ll be awaiting
Listening for Your command anytime.

Face To Face

The moments pass
And the seasons come and go
One day we’re Young
And then we’re old
The scenes of life
Show the changes through the years
With memories my heart will always hold
And the thoughts of yesterday
Speak to me and say
That time was made to bring us close
To the one we love the most

Right now we praise him from our heart
Soon we’ll praise him face to face
Though we sit in heavenly places
With His mercy and His grace
But the greatest joy will come
When His beauty I embrace
Right now we praise him from our heart
Soon we’ll praise him face to face

There’s many times
I try to picture in my mind
What heaven’s like
And what we’re going to find
Clouds appear like a message from on high
The misty view
Speaks to my darkened eyes
You could never see it all
In a painting on the wall
Cause nothing down here will compare
When we behold him over there

He Holds Me

When I’m in His arms
Sweet security
Nothing in this world
Will ever harm me
Love overflowing
Gentleness I find
Peace that passeth all understanding
A hope for my helplessness
And the peace for a troubled mind

He holds me close
When I need blessed assurance
He whispers You’re never alone
And there’ve been times
I felt untouchable
Just needing a friend
That’s when he holds me close.

I’ll never let You go
I’ve finally found my place
The brokenness You fixed
Disappointments erased
Love overflowing
Gentleness I find
Peace that passeth all understanding
Here is where I’ll stay
In the comfort of Your faithfulness

He holds me… never let me go…my comforter…
My savior…he holds me close…
He’ll never let me go…

He Knows My Heart

God knows I try with all of my heart
I know I have made my mistakes
And in my life I’ve been misunderstood
Friends have turned
And just walked away
I don’t need their approval
But I wish they could see
What our God placed inside of me
All that I am the good and the bad
It’s my father who justifies me

He knows my heart
He knows the way I feel
Whether I’m right
Or whether I’m wrong
I’ll have him here
When others are gone
You see the outward part
But he knows my heart

There have been times alone in the night
My own heart condemns me
To the grave
But God in His grace
Shared His embrace
His love is bigger than me anyway
I can’t explain this feeling
Here in my soul
Words along are never enough
To try to describe this feeling inside
The world has never known
His kind of love

I know that time has a season
When all things are revealed
He knows what’s deep down inside me
And I’ll be faithful yes faithful

Here We Are

Once in a lifetime
It seemed so far away
Not in my wildest dreams
Could I ever found this peace
You have a special heart
That looked beyond my need
You saw me in my search for mercy

Here we are
In the shelter of Your wings
It’s heavenly
There’s no greater place to be
Here we are
You and me

Lost in Your presence
Is where I find Your grace
Far from the emptiness
That I once embraced
You hold me when I need
To feel the strength of love
You give beyond
And that’s more that enough

Where is love
Now tell me where is joy
I’ve only found
Everything I need I find in You.

I Drift Away

It’s one of those days
When it seems like the world
Is turning the wrong way
I’m moved by emotions
Trying hard to find answers
That are hid from my eyes
But I know there’s a place
Where mercy still flows
I close my eyes and then it’s so

I drift away into a place
Where there is hope
Where there is joy
Surrounded by love
I could stay here
Forever is long
But nothing to fear

I drift away…I drift away…with You

We all have our moments
When our mind seems to struggle
With the cares of this life
No thoughts of tomorrow
Being tossed to and fro
Between the day and the night
But looking ahead I’m holding my course
By faith he opens the door.

Somebody lift up Your eyes
And wave Your sorrows goodbye
There is a place we can go to drift away.

I Love the Way

You made me a promise
I’m holding on for sure
It’s signed and sealed by Your word
You’re never gonna leave me
In a dark and lonely world
Where silence still yearns to be heard
When I need a friend
To calm the storm within
I hear You speak the words to be still
When I need a shoulder
To rest my weary load
I lean upon the rock of my soul

I love the way You love me
I love the way You love me

I’ll never know the reason
Why You care the way You do
I’m perfectly convinced and that’s enough
I’m standing in amazement
While I’m running on the faith
Reaching for the prize that’s above
Now what a happy day
When we look upon Your face
Shining brighter that the sun
No more lonely days only happiness
When I hear You say ”well done”

I need You
Lord I really need You
Please hold me
Hold me like a baby.

Joy In the Sky

I’ve heard about it
And I believe it
It’s far beyond
What my mind could ever tell me
Not a fairy tale
That leaves me an empty well
But it’s so real
That my heart won’t stop rejoicing
There is a place I’m going
Far away far above the blue
Where time won’t really matter
And there’s happiness forever and forever.

There will be joy up in the sky
Wave all Your sorrows good-bye
I’ll see my Jesus over there
There will be joy in the sky.

We’ve sung about it
That great city
And it’s a story
That’s never lost its power
New Jerusalem
Oh the faithful lamb
I am waiting for You
Just any hour
There is a place I’m going
Far away far above the blue
Where time won’t matter
And there’s happiness forever and forever

Shine On

Shine on
Children of the light
Shine on
We’re gonna help the night
Someone is depending on You
So shine on
And let His love flow through

We have a treasure inside of us
Sealed tight
But yet You see it so bright
So bright
Yes we do
I know sometimes
We can feel cast down
That’s when we run
To higher ground

There’s a fire burning
In my heart
I feel the power of God’s love
That moves the dark
Now when it comes
To push and shove
His grace will be
More than enough

The darker the night
The brighter we will shine
We are the light-house
On a hill
So shine on

Something About My Praise

The flowers in the field
Burst forth with blooming
And the wind seems
To whisper he’s a live
Even the trees lift their branches
High to the heavens above
In perfect harmony
With the creator of the world

But there’s just something
About my praise he loves
There’s just something
About the way I speak His name Jesus
All the hosannas and hallelujahs
Are sung to him by the angels above
Something about my praise
There’s just something
About my praise

The lord has been so real to me
Has given me a
Special kind of love
And I have more to thank my father for
Than all the angels in heaven above
For I’ve been for a cleansing in that crimson stream of love
And that makes my praise
Just a little something special
To the father above
And just because I’m His child