Beyond This Song

Beyond This Song I Sing
I Will Love You Forever

Beyond The Song I Sing

Homeless man broken girl
Abandon child forsaken world
Nothing new just the usual
Is all I see in the headlines
Of the paper
See the fallen falling faster
And my heart starts pounding harder
From the fear of what to do

Good intentions play their part
Acting from this willing heart
But its only just the start
Take my hands
Take my feet and walk your way
For my heart longs to follow you
In every little thing
Move me move me Lord
Beyond the song I sing

Standing still here I am thinking
Deeply moved by what I am seeing
Paralyzed  by what I am feeling
Imprisoned by my fear
Good intentions play their part
Acting from this willing heart
I know its time to start

Out my past fears to the place
Where you are
Draw me nearer to let me feel
Your heartbeat
As you change me and make me
Mold me move me
Move me Lord Beyond this song

Concert For You

Walking down the aisle
The church is empty
Kneeling down beside
A barren pew
Stained glass light is
Covering the alter
Although I’m all alone
I’m here with you

And you shelter me
You are my sanctuary
And I will sing
Only for you
A concert for you

Longing to offer you
The song of my soul
Only for you
A concert for you

Rising to my feet
I feel you presence
Moving me across the
Wooden floor
In these walls a sound
Is growing stronger

Songs in my heart
Have never been sung before
And my spirit soars
Outside this holy refuge
The world is rushing by
A stressful symphony of souls
Out of tune and out of time

But in this peaceful hour
My song has been renewed
When my heart is set on worship
And my audience is you

Hopes Are High

I can never remember
Feeling this thankful before
Maybe it’s just the weather
But I believe it’s something more
One way or another
I’m thinking I’m on my way
Spreading my wings
I’m carried away on the ocean breeze
And learning to fly

I’m setting my sails on the
Deep blue sky
Finding my way close
To the one who gave me life
And I can see his face
As the sun sinks low
My hopes are high

High atop this purple mountain
I walk on a cloud
White as the lamb who bought me
Speaking peace without a sound
Falling down on weary knees
I speak your name

Forget about gravity
Forget about all those rainy days
That used to be
It’s just you and me in there heavens Lord
This is what its like to be free
For eternity
And I do believe it was your mercy

I Will Love You Forever

I will love you forever
There is no one beside you
I will never deny you
I will love you forever

Oh passion of my soul
I will faithfully follow
I will love you forever
Oh, I will love you forever

You draw me closer
Each moment in time
Leading me onward
Into your design

Lord all of myself
To you I resign
Fill my desire
Find your heart in mine

Never will I cease to glorify you
I’ll follow where your voice
Is calling me
Standing in your name
I’ll not deny you
And in the place you’ve
Gone before me
I praise your name in glory

Never Too Late For Love

I will never forget
The way you and I met
I finally saw your love was real
You opened my eyes
Opened my mind
You opened my heart Lord
You gave me tomorrow and
Forgave me for the days gone by
Put time in a bottle
With all the tears I’ll cry
Now it’s never too late for love

It’s funny how time goes by
The ebb and the flow
The low and high
From the way I feel
It’s there all the time
A purpose in life
You’re here in my heart Lord
I’ll forever wonder
Why you love me like a child
But I’m thankful
Just the same for my life

One That I Pursue

You had become quite a prodigal
Never intending to wonder off so far
But aside from all your foolishness
This one thing is true
You’re still the one that I pursue
Now many have told you
What you believe is a lie
And many have shown you
The road to compromise
And you can chase all their philosophy
But before you do
You’re still the one that I pursue

You’re still the one who moves my soul
I’d run a million miles to bring you home
And I wouldn’t be the God that I say I am
If I didn’t make this promise to you
You’re still the one that I pursue
There is no hiding place that I will not seek out
There is no sin that I can’t forget about
So before your heart condemns you.
Give me this chance to prove
You’re still the one that I pursue


There is a passion burning
Within my heart
To know all I can of you
Do I need to see you with
My mortal eyes
Is there someway I can hear
Your gentle voice

Standing in the fields
Standing tall
Down in the valley
By the mountain side
I see the fields clothed
In blankets green
Giving shade to all

Beneath the fertile soil
Oh how wonderful
It is to know
That I have all these
Things to show me
He’s more than what I feel

Oh he’s real like a summer day
Real like a babies smile
Real like a morning dew
Like a mountain reaching to the sky

Real like a broken man
Suddenly made new
I’m here to tell you it’s more
Than  what I feel
He’s real he’s real
Ooooh he’s real he’s real

There is a maker who formed the
Highest peak and to breathe
Into the shell of man
And gave him life
He’s the one who makes the
Sun to shine
He causes the rain to fall
And the rivers to run
And the birds to rise
There is a hunger deep
Within my heart going far
Beyond the face of my
Circumstance, it constantly
Yearns to know a Holy God
Trying to figure out he
Would love such a filthy amn

Still it’s wonderful to know
That I have all these things
To show me
He’s more than what I feel
Look around see the beauty
Of it all
No imitation from what
Has been made his

Love surrounds us even
Now this is how

The Other Side

Turn down the day
Turn down the light
Quiet in the dark
Another sleepless night
Softly on the breeze

A song in the night
Feel the spirit rise
With the morning
Press on oh tired
And weary one

You’ve done your best
To stand when the day
Seems so long
Press in
Let worship be your guide

To lead you through the night
Your miracle will come
On the other side of praise
Raise up these arms

Hold the banner high
Surrender is the only
Way to life

Undenying Love

Walking away from someone
Who loved me more that himself
Someone who gave all he had
To help someone else

I was trying to believe that
Honest love was not around
But there was no denying
Who was there when I was down

Undenying love
It’s a love I can’t deny
No matter where I try to run
His love won’t let me hide

Undenying love
Ever present in my life
It’s the undenying love of
Jesus Christ

Helpless and hopeless are feelings
That try to get inside
And make you feel that you have failed
And need to run and hide

But every place you’ve been
It doesn’t really matter where
You’ll find that his amazing love
Is waiting for you there.