Your Letters

I purchased Vicki Yoh’e cd while going through the toughest period of my life.  My father a 57 year old Pastor was clingling to life across the street from me because the hospital released him to die.  I was his first born and he always told me to trust God.  I didn’t understand what was happening but I knew I needed peace.  I could not sleep, I couldn’t even pray but I could press play on my cd and as Vickie’s song In the waiting began to play the words ministered to me and my family. As the tears flowed and we prepared ourselves for God’s will to be done, and after we surrendered to God’s will, on June 18th, God took my father, Pastor and friend home.

Pray is what I have done and while I have been in the waiting I have ran to the Mercy Seat and God has strenthened me and my family.  I now have a peace beyond my understanding in the middle of my hurting and when I cry I realize it’s okay to be in this place.

Thank you Vicki for ministering to my SPIRIT, You are an annointed vessel.


On May 16,2004, my father suffered brain damage as a result of cerebral hemmoraging, and my life changed forever.  I heard your song, “You Amaze Me,” in a beauty supply store earlier that week, and on Saturday, May 15, 2004, there was a pulling at my heart to purchase this CD.

I went to 3 different music stores to no avail, and I almost gave up. I passed by a music store that I had not gone to in several months, and they had your CD.  I purchased it that day, and I listened to it all that night on repeat. I didn’t understand at that moment why I had such a desire to listen to this one song, over and over, except for the fact that you have a melodious voice. But, it came to me later.

My mother called me and woke me up. I ran to see what was going on with my father. It was something wrong, but the Holy Spirit was holding me up and keeping me strong. As strange as it was, I kept singing that song. I was able to pray through it, holding on to my father with his head in my hands before the paramedics came to take him to the hospital.

I played the song all the way to the hospital. It was amazing. Even though I lost my father, I could feel God’s hands holding me up through it all.

Now, almost one year later, I wanted to share with you just how your songs have changed my life forever. I am eternally grateful.  May God continue to bless you, Vicki, and may you continue to do the work of the Lord forever.

In Christian Love,

Vicki, I witnessed one of the most moving events in my life when you ministered to us at HighPoint Christian Tabernacle in Smyrna Ga.

Being a Vietnam Vet, wounded 3 times, killing many women, men, and children, I was just unable to release the hidden wounds the war had caused until, thank you Lord, you ministered “You Amaze Me” and all the rest of the songs. My God, I cried even when I got into my vehicle after the concert. Thanks for taking a picture with me.

I must write to the Military Order Of The Purple Hearts Association in what I witnessed, that my other Nam Vets who are hurting from the pains of war, could just witness you in concert. I’ve been around many gospel artists, without naming a few, and no anointing, and their singing was just “pretty”. After I give my testimony on the MOPH, I will e-mail you and give you the website.

Again thank you for listening to God for coming to Georgia to minister to me…

God Bless,

I just want to send a little message to Vicki.

I was the “sound person” at the conference that Vicki ministered at on May 29/04 in Fredericton, New-Brunswick.

Before the conference, I listened to her CD to familiarize myself with her voice and music. It spoke and ministered to me right from the start.
– then –
Vicki’s husband was not able to make it to the church to do a sound check for her as she was coming in right on time from a previous ministry engagement. This made me extremely nervous. I have only worked with a few “professionals” and never in an event to this magnitude. (this was a first time event for me and our church) Vicki arrived at the church only 15 mins before she was supposed to minister. That only allowed for her to hand me her sound traxs, a song list, and a few instructions(as the service was beggining), before she walked up on the platform to minister. I do not remember ever being so nervous in all the years I have run sound.

It was awesome!!!! Vicki is soooo not just a professional performer! She is an annointed vessel of The Lord!

As soon as she stepped up on the platform and took the mic in her hand and started to speak, you had to know there was something more to her than just being a performer! And then when she sat down at the piano, it was crystal clear, it was just her and the Lord. She was not performing for an audience of 600 ladies, she was worshiping her Lord, and it was more than obvious. Everything about her was so not about her!

I cannot even explain what it was like. It is something I have never experienced before. I cannot say how much of a privelege and blessing it was to work with Vicki even for that very short time. I never felt small, inadequate, not good enough or anything else of a negative nature. It was just absolutly amazingly awesome!!!

I just want to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Vicki for her ministry with us during that time! It made a huge difference in my life, and not just because she has talent and gift galour for music, but for being her! You can tell that it is “Because Of Who You Are”, that she is all about!

I just do not know what else to say, or how to say it. It was awesome! Thank You so much for your commitment to His ministry through you! It truly is of Him!!