Everlasting Love

I’d Trade A Lifetime

All Through The Night

When twilight comes
When shadows gather
When clouds of trouble hover low
When sorrow steals the joy of laughter
I have a place where I can go
A place where you surround me
Keep me
Hide me
Lord, I feel you all around me
And I know you’ll stay beside me

All through the night
Safely I’ll abide
Underneath the shadow of your wings
I close my eyes
I will arise
In the light of a million mornings

When this short day
Gives way to darkness
When precious light begins to fade
I will not fear
Though night approached
I’ll rest and know my life is safe
Safe within your arms so strong
And tender
Safe until a new day
Calls me to your side forever


I will never leave you
I will not forsake you
I’m with you always
I will ever leave you
I will not forsake you
I’m with you always
‘Til the end of time

The ones I trust may hurt me
Friends may come and go
Loved ones may desert me
When I need them most
But there is one who’ll never go away
Even now my heart can hear him softly say

No one is so faithful
None could be so true
Lord I know I’m able
To trust my heart to you
Every time I call your name I feel
You near
And I hear you whisper sweetly
In my ear


“Faithful friend” and “Father”
I’ve called you through the years
You’re been “great Physician”
When sickness lingered near
Through distressing moments
Your name is new and sweet
You’re become “Comforter” to me

You are Comforter
That’s who you are to me
A name that fits so perfectly
Pease that passeth all
Comforter is who you are to me

To the weeping father
Who grieves for children gone
The pain of separation
Consumes another home
But on the waves of failure
You walk with perfect ease
“Comforter” is who the whole
World needs


Everlasting Love

It was love at first sight
Just what I’d been searching for
Someone who would fight for love
I never dreamed I could find so much more
You were committed to me
So much that you dies so that I
Could be free
And I’m glad so glad for
This love that you’ve given to me

I found a love that will never end
It can mend the broken heart
Make the sun to shine again
I found a love that will never cease
I do believe I found
I found an everlasting love

You swept me off of my feet
And gave me a brand new song to sing
A song about the real love
I’ve got to tell you you’re my
You left your glory for grace
I should have dies but you stood
In my place
So when you see my tears
They’re for joy and not fear
When I’m in your loving embrace

Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus love me
I’m glad I’m so glad
I’m glad I’m glad I know it’s so

I’d Trade A Lifetime

Now friend why don’t you live
Your life for Jesus
It’s the only life that really pays
I know you really really want to
Serve him
And to jesus you’ll giver all your days
So come to jesus right now
He’ll save our soul
Within your life
You let him take control
I’d trade a lifetime
For just one day in Paradise

I can hardly wait to see my Jesus
Sitting on that great white throne
I want to hear him tell the sweet
Old story and thank him for the
Love that he’s shown
Oh how happy my soul will be
When at last it will be free
I’d trade a lifetime
For just one day in Paradise

And for just one look at my
Savior’s face
Just to feel his warm embrace
I’d trade a lifetime
I’d trade a lifetime
For just one day in Paradise
For just one day in Paradise


Can’t seem to do
The thing I intend
Though my intentions are good
I feel the wind move
And I’d like to bend
I say that I would and I know I should
But something inside me won’t let me go
To be what I know I could be
Somehow I’ve got to break free
Won’t somebody help me please

I’m a prisoner of my own will
I can’t move ahead and I can’t
Stand still
I wish that I was free to fly
I’m a prisoner of my own will

Locked in a cell
Of my weak desire
Chained to an alibi
Words have been said
That burned me like fire
But I don’t give in and I don’t
Know why
But something inside me won’t let
Me let go
To be what my heart wants to be
Somehow I’ve got to break free
Won’t somebody help me please

The Mercy Seat

In the darkness where everything is unknown
I face the power of sin on my own
I did not know of a place I would go
Where I could find a way to heal my
Wounded soul

He said that I could come into his
Presence without fear
Into the holy place where his
Mercy hovers near

I’m runnin’ I’m runnin’ I’m runnin’
To the mercy seat
Where Jesus in callin’ He said His
Grace would cover me
His blood will flow freely it will
Provide the healin’
I’m runnin to the mercy seat

Are you livin’ where hope has not been
Lost in the curse of a lifetime of sin
Lovely illusions they never come true
I know where there’s a place of
Mercy for you
He said that you could come into
His presence without fear
Into the holy place where his
Mercy hovers near

Come runnin’ come runnin’ come
Runnin’ to the mercy seat
Where Jesus is callin’ His grace will
Be a covering
His blood will flow freely it will
Provide the healin’
Come runnin’ to the mercy seat

When I’m With You

This life of mine sometimes
Feels like a roller-coaster ride
It lifts me up lets me down
It gets me spinning around helter-skelter
When it’s too much to take
I know the perfect way to escape
I stop and whisper Your name
And I feel everything change for the better

When I’m with you I smile
And it comes from the inside out
Just like the sun breaking through the clouds
All the love deep inside of my heart
Comes a live
And I know that
All of my dreams will come true
When I’m with you

Just when his fragile heart
Wants to give up and just fall aprt
A few sweet moments with you
Will have me feeling like new safe
And happy
This is the remedy
I’m just as sure as I’ll ever be
The only place for my heart
Is right wherever you are
Now and always

I know I can’t describe
The way I feel inside
My time with you is like an open
Book to heaven
Something comes over me
Like a gentle summer breeze
And I want to be close to you forever

Whosoever Will

There is a fountain flowing
From the heart of the living god
A spring that offers healing
A well of hope for a dying world
A sacred place where the waves
Of grace and mercy overflow
It hold the cure for the broken
Heart and satisfies the thirsty soul
It satisfies the soul and the call goes out

Whosoever will come to the water
Whosoever will drink and never die
Everyone that thirsteth can be satisfied
Come unto Jesus the fountain of life

Come to Him for cleansing
Wash away every guilty stain
Come and find refreshing
A song of joy in time of pain
The door to life now is opened wide
For all to enter in
Taste and see that the lord is good
And you will never thirst again
You’ll never thirst again and the
Savior’s calling

To every nation tribe and tongue
The spirit and the bride say come
Come to the ever living one
The spirit and the bride same come
Out of the barren desert land
The spirit and the bride say come
Drink from the cup of God’s own hand
The spirit and the bride say come

You Can’t Stop The Morning

You can’t stop the river from
Rolling to the sea
You can’t stop the dancin’ of a
Heart set free
Night won’t last forever just as
Sure as you’re alive
There’s a new day dawning in your life
You can’t stop the morning

Oh, it seems like only yesterday
Bold and unafraid nobody can
Shake you
Then the darkness chase the sun away
The night seems here to stay
No sign of a rescue
Wheat he’s started in you
He’s sure to finish
Morning light will break thru
Hope is on the way

Tryin’ stop rain showers in the spring
The flowers that they bring
The world from turnin’
Stop the wind from blowin’ in the trees
Stop the melody of birds in the morning
Just as sure as rainbows follow
Stormy weather
Don’t give up don’t lose hope
Morning’s on the way

Can’t stop the world from turnin’
Can’t stop the sun from shinin’
Can’t stop the birds from singin’
You can’t stop the morning
Sure as there’s a time for sorrow
Morning light is sure to follow
There will be a bright tomorrow
If you can just hold on a little bit longer